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All sessions hosted over Zoom for One Hour







$120 -

Let's grab a drink or a coffee and get to know each other! Leave the world behind just for a moment and get lost in each other. Who are you? Who am I? Where will the moment and the chemistry take us? That is for us to decide! You can expect a casual, but intimate setting filled with titalating discussion, playful banter and deep questions. I look forward to diving in and learning all about you ;)


Join me for your very own sensual yoga session. If you have always dreamed of having that hot private yoga instructor with their attention all on you then look no further. My sessions are always tailored to visually teasing poses and I know my skimpy yoga outfits will only add to the sensual flavor. Either follow along with me in my flow and move your body with meor just sit and watch as I stretch my long body out before you, either way you won't be disappointed.


My introductory session to all my coaching services and packages. My Sensual Discovery session is the door to your own sensual activation, development and transformation. If you have ever had the thought or felt deep inside of you like there was more to explore, experience, or even liberate within yourself as a sensual being let's discover it together! There is always a part of us yearning for more and I can't wait to guide you along your journey to an unprecedented destination!

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