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How I Began and Where I’m Headed

As a Sensual Wellness Counselor, I work interactively with men, women, and couples, empowering and guiding them towards self-growth in the areas of intimacy, sensuality and wellness. I invite my clients to discover their radiant sensual self-expression, and to explore the deep, delicious dimensions of their sexual nature they may have only dreamed of.  

A modern-day sensual healer and muse, I invite my clients into a unique, experiential connection that evokes the fullness of one’s erotic and personal potential. I am deeply devoted to helping men and woman liberate their sexual energy as I truly believe it to be a healing tool that can be used for transformation and ultimate well-being.

With many years experience as a Certified Massage Therapist, Wellness Counselor, and a degree in Psychology, I have a deep appreciation for the mind-body connection and how we can utilize our sexuality as a source of healing and personal evolution.

Alana's content is out of this world. She brings so much to the table with her words, her imagery and her personality. This is a one stop shop for refined sensuality that not only turns you on, but also gets you thinking. She is an intelligent woman and she uses her brain as well as her impeccable body to bring you to the max. Expect eye rolling experiences, mouth watering visuals, and an erotic virtual world you won't find anywhere else! I'd subscribe to her again and again. She has me on the edge of my seat, waiting for every post.

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